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Dr Lee Borthwick co-autohor of paper published in International Journal of Molecular Sciences

"Targeting the Bacterial Cytoskeleton of the Burkholderia cepacia Complex for Antimicrobial Development: A Cautionary Tale"

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(pub: 31/05/2018)

Prof Jelena Mann invited as Guest Speaker at EASL International Liver Congress 2018

"Liquid Biopsy for Liver Fibrosis" with Prof Mudjat Zeybel "Plasma cell-free DNA methylation: a liquid biomarker of hepatic fibrosis"

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(pub: 26/03/2018)

Dr. Worrell talks at British Society for Investigative Dermatology Annual Meeting, Feb 26th-28th, London.

Title: THE NF-kB Subunit c-Rel is a Core Regulator of Matrix Production and Dermal Fibrosis

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(pub: 26/03/2018)

Epigenetic Matters: A Public Lecture by Prof Jelena Mann

On April 11th at 14:00 - Title: Your DNA is not your destiny - How epigenetics and environment shapes your life - Event open to all members of the public

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(pub: 05/03/2018)

Derek Mann Gives talk at 38th European Workshop for Rheumatology Research

Fibrogenic-Inflammatory Cross-Talk in Post-Total Knee Arthroplasty - A Human Model of Induced Chronic Fibrosis

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(pub: 26/02/2018)

Michelle James, NFRG Ph.D. Student will Chair next ICM Research Seminar

Wednesday, February 21st - Dental Lecture Theatre F, Medical School 1:00pm - 2:00pm

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(pub: 19/02/2018)

Nuformix announces a positive outcome of a pilot study on multiple fibrotic diseases.

With Fibrofind, Nuformix has completed pilot pre-clinical studies that further validate the potential for its NXP002 programme in treating fibrosis.

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(pub: 13/02/2018)

Dr. Worrell will give talk at 5th Systemic Sclerosis World Congress Feb 15th-17th in Bordeaux.

Title: Myeloid specific Deletion of C-REL protects against fibrosis in the bleomycin mouse model of systemic sclerosis

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(pub: 09/02/2018)

NFRG paper published in GUT

A cooperation between NFRG, University of the Basque Country and Medical University of Vienna leads to new paper entitled: Non-parenchymal TREM-2 protects the liver from immune-mediated hepatocellular damage

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(pub: 01/02/2018)

CEPA Biobank Newcastle officially launched

On January 19th, the CEPA biobank which will benefit the healthcare of patients, researchers and companies, has been launched in Royal Victoria Infirmary

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(pub: 23/01/2018)

NFRG paper published in GUT

A cooperation between NFRG, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg and Istanbul Bilim University results in a new publication entitled: Plasma cell-free DNA methylation: a liquid biomarker of hepatic fibrosis

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(pub: 23/01/2018)

ACMEDSCI Talk by Derek Mann

On 11th of January, Prof Derek Mann FMedSci, gave a motivating talk in the frame of the Academy of Medical Sciences Regional Celebration in Newcastle

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(pub: 15/01/2018)

New NFRG paper in Journal of Pathology

Fibroblasts Promote Inflammation and Pain via Interleukin-1α–Induction of the Monocyte Chemoattractant CCL2

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(pub: 19/12/2017)

NFRG mobilised for Movember

The Fibrostahe team has gathered more than £230 for Men's health projects focusing on prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health and suicide prevention.

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(pub: 01/12/2017)

Dr Marina Garcia gives talk ICM Research Seminar

Dr. Marina Garcia gave a remarkable talk entiled: "Autophagic approaches to prevent fatty liver disease"

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(pub: 23/11/2017)

VIVA Seminar: Congratulations Dr. Saimir Luli

NFRG PhD Student, Saimir Luli, gave his VIVA Seminar on November 16th. All the team is very proud of calling now him "Doctor Luli"

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(pub: 17/11/2017)

New NFRG review in Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews

Epigenetic reprogramming in liver fibrosis and cancer written by Dr Caroline Wilson, Dr Lee Borthwick and Prof Derek Mann

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(pub: 16/11/2017)

Dr Caroline Wilson gave presentation in ICM PI Seminar Series on November 13th

Presentation entitled "Chronic inflammation and its role in liver disease and cancer"

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(pub: 14/11/2017)

Olivier Govaere in AASLD Liver Meeting 2017

Dr. Olivier Govaere presented his poster entitled "Lipopolysaccharide increases the release of CXCL5 in an ex-vivo model for human non-alcoholic fatty liver disease"

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(pub: 07/11/2017)

Laura Sabater scores at NEPG Conference 2017

With a talk entitled"Protective heritable reprogramming of hepatic wound healing in liver fibrosis" Laura Sabater represents NFRG at NEPG Conference 2017

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(pub: 31/10/2017)

Lab talk given by Promega representative (pub. 30/10/2017)

Promega product specialist Leanne Wickens as guest speaker in NFRG weekly lab talk

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(pub. 30/10/217)

New paper for Dr. Marina Garcia Macia

"System-wide Benefits of Intermeal Fasting byAutophagy" published in Cell Metabolism. Dr Marina Garcia Macia as co-author.

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(pub. 27/10/2017)

Jack Leslie's poster in AASLD Liver Meeting 2017

"cRel controls epithelial reprogramming to promote hepatic fibrosis and tissue regeneration"

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(pub. 23/10/2017)

Nuformix announces anti-fibrotic compound study with NFRG's Fibrofind

Nuformix has entered into an agreement with Fibrofind to conduct pre-clinical development work for its NXP002 programme.

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New Article approved by the Journal of Epigenetics

A new NFRG paper, issued from a collaborative study with Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai New York, has been accepted by The journal of Epigenetics.

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New NFRG poster presented at the International Workshop on Scleroderma Research

Dr Julie Worrell presented her new abstract and poster entitled Regulation of fibroblast phenotype, functionality and matrix production by the NF-KB subunit c-REL in fibrosis at the International Workshop on Scleroderma Research

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New NFRG Publication in Nature Communication

A newly published paper with Prof. Derek Mann's participation has been published in Nature Communication. It describes how cell senescence promotes steatosis in the ageing liver

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New Publication in Cell Death & Disease

NFRG members Prof. Derek Mann, Prof. Fiona Oakley and Dr. Caroline Wilson have been collaborating on this new paper which describes functions for the p50 subunit of NF-kB in kidney damage.

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New publication out of cooperation with French company Inventiva

Prof. Derek Mann and Prof. Fiona Oakley have seen the results of an active cooperation with French company Inventiva published in a new paper on a new drug tested for its ability to protect the liver from fibrosis in NAFLD.

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New Review from Prof. Jelena Mann

Cellular and Molecular Gastroenterology and Hepatology has published a new Review from Prof. Jelena Mann entitled Epigenetics and Liver Fibrosis.

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Congratulations to Prof. Derek Mann!

Prof. Derek Mann has been elected to the prestigious Fellowship of the Academy of Medical Sciences.

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