Very good news for Laura Sabater & NFRG

Very good news for Laura Sabater and NFRG

NFRG congratulates PhD student Laura Sabater and Prof Jelena Mann , for having a new article published in the renowned Scientific Reports journal, entitled:

RNA sequencing reveals changes in the microRNAome of transdifferentiating hepatic stellate cells that are conserved between human and rat


This paper uses RNAseq to map changes in microRNAs (mIR) during the activation of hepatic stellate cells which are pivotal in liver fibrosis. The authors show that, although there are many miR changing during this process, the conservation in changes, when comparing rodent to human, is low. This suggests caution when translating rodent to human data.


Please, click HERE to read the publication.


Author Jelena Mann / Mihaela Tronaru

Last modified: Mon, 14 Dec 2020 17:07:23 GMT