Jelena Mann Lee Borthwick Aegean Crete June 2018

Jelena Mann and Lee Borthwick invited at Aegen Conference on Tissue Repair

On June 13-18, The 2nd International Conference of Tissue Repair, Regeneration and Fibrosis was held in Chiana, Crete in Greece. At this occasion, Prof Jelena Mann and Dr Lee Borthwick were invited to give presentations as guest speakers.

By bringing together a diverse group of researchers interested in all aspects of tissue repair, regeneration, and fibrosis, the Aegean meeting aims at providing a more integrated perspective from basic disease mechanisms through to the more pragmatic challenges of clinical trial design.


Dr Lee Borthwick gave the first talk on the 14th of June during session 1: "Celle types, mechanisms, and therapeutic targets in lung repair and fibrosis". His talk, presenting results obtained jointly by several researchers and technicians of Newcastle Fibrosis Research Lab (Lauren Davison, Ben Barksby, Jack Leslie, Saimir Luli, Fiona Oakley, Andrew Fisher, Derek Mann, and Lee Borthwick) was entitled:

Fibroblasts drive inflammation and monocyte recruitment in damaged tissue via an IL-1R1/JunD/CCL2 dependent signalling pathway


A few days later, on the 17th of June during Session VIII on "Inflammation and epigenetics in organ regeneration and fibrosis", Prof Jelena Mann has presented her work on Epigenetics with a talk entitled:

Significance of epigenetics in liver fibrosis


Click HERE to read more about the conference and read the full program.


Author Jeremy Domis
Source/Credits Aegean Conferences

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