Prof Derek Mann's new discovery

Prof. Derek Mann's new discovery

Through laborious experiments, Prof. Derek Mann, a major figure of the NFRG team, has reached a notable conclusion, according to which:


Taking regular exercise is going to become increasingly important in helping to prevent cancers


Prof. Mann partnered with a team of scientist from the prestigious organisation Cancer Research UK to look into this matter. They have found promising results, so innovative that they have been published in the national newspaper, The Guardian.

We wanted to ask if exercise, crucially exercise that someone who might be frailer could achieve, could help throw that immune decline into reverse, and reduce the risk of liver tumours developing,” says Mann. So the researchers looked at a particular type of mice that develop chronic inflammation as they age. They split these older mice into two groups: 16 exercisers and 13 sedentary mice.

The mice in the first group were put on a moderate exercise regime: a 30 minute jog on a mouse treadmill, helped along by small puffs of air. They’d then be weighed and have their bodies checked over at the same time as the mice in the sedentary group.

After 3 months, the team found that the mice in the exercise group had changed more than they expected. Their liver inflammation had reduced and had less fat, a good sign as fat in the liver is associated with liver damage. As well as this, there were improvements seen in other parts of the body.

Looking forward, they already have plans to see if some of the cellular results translate to similar findings in humans with liver cancer. They also want to find out if a tailored exercise regime could help improve the effectiveness of someone’s main cancer treatment.


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