Academy of Medical Sciences Regional Celebration

ACMEDSCI Talk by Derek Mann

Prof Derek Mann FMedSci, gave a motivating talk in the frame of the Academy of Medical Sciences Regional Celebration in Newcastle entitled:

From a GCSE and A-levels disaster to Dean of Research!


To introduce his speech, Derek Mann has illustrated the title of this talk showing that modest results in early stages of studies do not necessarily mean that brilliant things cannot be achieved in the future. He insisted on the importance for him of models and mentors he met younger, who have led him on the pathways of successful first-class research and innovation.

Stating these influences and detailing his own experience, Derek Mann has reached the three following conclusions:

- A successful researcher doesn't know the word "No": repetitive failures in grants applications cannot be a reason to stop trying;

- Being bold, ambitious and stepping out of your comfort zone is the only way to be innovative and achieve cutting-edge research results;

- Establishing cooperations and building bridges between university and industry is of both interests but also benefits the patients and society.


Author Jeremy Domis

Last modified: Mon, 15 Jan 2018 15:27:39 GMT