Excellent news for NFRG

Excellent news for NFRG


The shortlist for the Newton Prize 2020 brings joy to a former NFRG PhD student, Dr. Marco Zaki:


The list has just been announced and it includes a project lead by Professors Fiona Oakley and Helen Reeves, Newcastle University and a former NFRG PhD student, Dr Marco Zaki, from Minia University, Egypt.

The Newton Prize celebrates outstanding international research partnerships that play an important role in addressing challenges in developing countries and around the world, such as the problem of producing clean energy, HIV prevention, the protection of historical sites, how to tackle water pollution, as well as the current COVID-19 pandemic.


The project is entitled ,,The liver micro-environment- a driver of hepatocellular carcinoma'' and it focuses on the following:


Liver cancer patients represent 23% of total registered cancer cases in Egypt. This Newton Prize 2020 shortlisted fellow is finding ways to halt its progression by finding biomarkers in the blood and 3D modelling.

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Source/Credits Newton Fund

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