Jelena Mann invited speaker at Keystone symposia

Prof Jelena Mann Invited Speaker et Keystone Symposia

From January 20-24, Prof. Jelena Mann has been representing Newcastle Fibrosis Research Group in Santa Fe at Keystone Symposia on Integrated Pathways of Diseases in NASH and NAFLD where she was invited as a guest speaker.

During the Fibrosis and Cancer - Mechanisms and Markers session held on Wednesday the 23rd of January, Professor Mann gave her talk entitled:

Epigenetics of Fibrosis and Cancer in Liver Disease.


The goal of this meeting, as described by the organisers was:

1) Explore genetic and ethnic contributions to NAFLD development;

2) Clarify underlying pathogenic defects in NAFLD and NASH, focusing on the specific contributions of lipotoxicity, the microbiome, innate immune signalling, and drivers of fibrosis;

3) Highlight emerging prognostic and diagnostic biomarkers that are yielding new, more streamlined clinical trial designs that evaluate novel therapies.


Click HERE for more details and to view the full program  


Author Jeremy Domis

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