Jelena Mann EASL International Liver 2018

Prof Jelena Mann invited as Guest speaker at EASL International Congress 2018

On April 11-15, The EASL International Liver Congress 2018 was held in Paris, France. At this occasion, Prof Jelena Mann was invited to give a presentation as Gest speaker in the Basic scientific seminar taking place on Thursday 12th of April, entitled:

Liquid Biopsy for Liver Fibrosis


The purpose of the basic science seminar is to foster interaction between basic science and clinical research during the International Liver Congress. The format of the seminar also allows time for discussion of technical challenges and new advances in the field. In addition to this, one of the objectives is to involve Young Investigators.

To reach this objective, during her presentation, Prof Jelena Mann gave the stage to NFRG collaborator from Koç University in Turkey, Prof Mujdat Zeybel who gave a talk illustrating Professor Mann's speach: 

Plasma cell-free DNA methylation: a liquid biomarker of hepatic fibrosis


Click HERE to visit the EASL International Liver Congress website, read the highlights and recaps of the conference and download the slide decks summarizing of the different moments.

Author Jeremy Domis

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