Jelena Mann and Lee Borthwick at NASH Summit 2019

Meet Jelena Mann and Lee Borthwick at NASH Summit 2019 in London

From October 23rd-25th, the 3rd annual NASH Summit Europe will be held in London, UK. The NASH Summit is the world's largest meeting of Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis stakeholders, covering every element of NASH drug development from early discovery to late-stage clinical development and commercialization. 

At this occasion, Professor Jelena Mann will present our patented Precision Cut Liver Slices technology used to model fibrogenesis on organ slices and to demonstrate the efficacy of antifibrotic drugs.

Professor Mann's presentation will be at 8:20 AM on the 24th of October during the session entitled "The mouse in the room: How can we Push Preclinical Models to be Better?"

Lee Borthwick, Principal Investigator at Newcastle Fibrosis Research Group will also be present at the NASH summit to answer any question regarding the PCLS Technology.

 To learn more about the Precision-Cut Liver Slices technology, click on the miniature of the journal article recently published in Hepatology.

Know more about the NASH Summit Europe and download the full program:

Author Jeremy Domis

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