Newcastle Fibrosis Research Group

Newcastle Fibrosis Research Group

The Newcastle Fibrosis Research Group is a top-level multi-disciplinary research group of Newcastle University highly experienced in the underlying mechanisms of fibrosis in liver, lung, kidney, heart, skin and joints.

Our Research

Public Engagement

As part of a higher education institution, engaging ourselves with society is a key priority. Fibrotic diseases involve complex mechanisms which we think should be understandable by everyone. Teaching and wide diffusion knowledge about Fibrosis is one of our leading missions.

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News & Events

New NFRG paper by Julia Concetti published in Cells

NFKB1 and Cancer: Friend or Foe?

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NFRG paper led by Tyrell Cartwright published in BBA Gene Regulatory Mechanisms

HDAC1 interacts with the p50 NF-κB subunit via its nuclear localization sequence to constrain inflammatory gene expression.

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Duchenne UK and NFRG announce a new collaboration

Projects aims to develop human cardiac precision cut slices as a novel platform for target identification and validation in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

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13-15/08/2018 - Jelena Mann guest speaker at AASLD Hepatic Fibrosis Single Topic Conference

Talk title: Epigenetic Regulation of Stellate Cell Activation

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13-18/08/2018 - Jelena Mann and Lee Borthwick as guest speakers in Aegean Conference at

2nd International Conference on Tissue Repair, Regeneration, and Fibrosis in Crete, Greece

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Emma Gilmour awarded the British Society for Immunology Undergraduate Prize

"The effect of chronic ibuprofen treatment on lung inflammation as measured by B lymphocyte infiltration"

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