Newcastle Fibrosis Research Group

Newcastle Fibrosis Research Group

The Newcastle Fibrosis Research Group is a top-level multi-disciplinary research group of Newcastle University highly experienced in the underlying mechanisms of fibrosis in liver, lung, kidney, heart, skin and joints.

Our Research

Public Engagement

As part of a higher education institution, engaging ourselves with society is a key priority. Fibrotic diseases involve complex mechanisms which we think should be understandable by everyone. Teaching and wide diffusion knowledge about Fibrosis is one of our leading missions.

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News & Events

New NFRG publication lead by Maria Garcia published in Hepatology

An mTORC1-Plin3 pathway is essential to activate lipophagy and protects against hepatosteatosis

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Letizia Marchetti Best Flash Talk at BIRA Inaugural Conference

"Possible systemic roles of hepatic NFkB1 in inflammageing" presented in the obesity, metabolism and ageing session

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New NFRG / Mayo Clinic publication in The EMBO Journal

Neutrophils induce paracrine telomere dysfunction and senescence in ROS‚Äźdependent manner

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Prof. Derek Mann's new discovery

Through laborious experiments, Prof. Derek Mann, a major figure of NFRG, has reached a notable conclusion

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Congratulations for a new NFRG article

On January 14th, Newcastle Fibrosis Research Group had another brilliant article published in Scientific Reports, thanks to the collective work of Dr. Jack Leslie, Professor Fiona Oakley and Dr. Saimir Luli

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NFRG team effort for a new published article

Along with other scientists, the NFRG members have worked hard on a new paper published in the Journal of Immunology

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