Lee Borthwick bring contribution on PNAS paper

Lee Borthwick contributes to a new publication in PNAS

Lee Borthwick has recently contributed to a research lead by Dr. John Blaikley from the University of Manchester resulting in a new publication in PNAS, entitled: 

The circadian clock protein REVERBα inhibits pulmonary fibrosis development


This research shows that "people who regularly sleep for long (≥11h) or short (≤4h) periods are 2-3 times more likely to have the incurable disease, pulmonary fibrosis, compared to those that sleep for 7 hours in a day. They attribute this association to the body clock"

Click HERE to read the paper on the publisher's website and download a pdf version of the publication.

Click HERE to read the press release on the website of University of Manchester

Author Jeremy Domis
Source University of Manchester

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