NFRG team effort for a new published article

NFRG team effort for a new published article

Along with other scientists, the NFRG members have worked hard on a new paper published in the Journal of Immunology. The paper is entitled:



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In a new paper led by Professor Derek Mann and Dr Caroline Wilson and published in the Journal of Immunology, NFRG scientists along with collaborators at the University of Cambridge, Imperial College and the Mayo Clinic have provided molecular evidence that testifies to the benefits of modest exercise as a therapeutic intervention for age-related chronic inflammation and cancer. .

Using a mouse model of inflammation-driven ageing they show that when sustained over several weeks, moderate but repeated exercise will reverse liver inflammation and prevent tumour development, furthermore biomarkers of accelerated ageing such as cellular senescence were also seen to be reversed.

Professor Mann, one of the leads for the study, commented "this is a landmark study that demonstrates that it is never too late to gain health benefits from quite modest levels of exercise and it also provides insights into the molecular mechanisms through which exercise stimulates biochemical processes that combat age-related disease processes"

Author Derek Mann

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