Jelena Mann AASLD Hepatic Fibrosis Single Topic

Prof Jelena Mann guest speaker AASLD Hepatic Fibrosis Single Topic Conference

On September 14-15, the AASLD Hepatic Fibrosis Single Topic Conference will be held in Dallas, USA. At this occasion, Prof Jelena Mann is invited to give a presentation as Guest speaker on Saturday, September 15.

Prof Mann will give her talk during Session V in which she will also be a moderator: Emerging Concepts in Liver Fibrosis. Her presentation will be entitled:

Epigenetic Regulation of Stellate Cell Activation


The Hepatic Fibrosis: New Concepts and Controversies conference will serve as an update on current progress made in hepatic fibrosis with many new discoveries that have shaped the field including basic research of fibrosis and the role of the microbiome and gut-liver axis. In addition, significant new information about non-alcoholic fatty liver diseases and the potential role of nonparenchymal cells in fibrosis, with emphasis on nonparenchymal-stellate cell crosstalk will be discussed. Also, translational aspects of fibrosis and cirrhosis, including translation of findings into humans as well as discoveries that may lead to novel therapies will be covered.

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