Great achievement for Dr Jack Leslie and NFRG

Great achievement for Dr Jack Leslie and NFRG


NFRG has a major new scientific study accepted for publication in Nature Metabolism

The paper entitled "c-Rel orchestrates energy-dependent epithelial and macrophage reprogramming in fibrosis" illustrates the following :

It describes a new regulatory network of molecular signals that cross-talk between inflammatory and metabolic pathways to perpetuate fibrogenic signalling between epithelial cells, macrophages and myofbroblasts.

The work also identifies specific regulators in this signalling network that can be targeted with small molecule inhibitors to effectively suppress fibrosis in multiple organs.

This study which includes collaboration from colleagues across the world, incorporating our industrial collaborators, was led by our rising star Dr Jack Leslie and his former PhD mentor and senior academic member of the NFRG, Professor Fiona Oakley.

We wish to extend a massive thank you to MRC, CRUK and GSK for their valuable support with this work.


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