Jelena Mann Guest speaker at NASH Summit 2019

Jelena Mann, Gest speaker at 3rd Annual NASH Summit 2019 in Boston

From April 22-25th, The 3rd annual NASH Summit was held in Boston, US. The NASH Summit is the world's largest meeting of Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis stakeholders, covering every element of NASH drug development from early discovery to late-stage clinical development and commercialization. 

At this occasion, Professor Jelena Mann has been a major participant. Invited as a guest speaker, Professor Mann gave a series of talks on Epigenetics and Fibrosis and chaired the Translational Stream Sessions entitled: "Critically Addressing the Bench to Bedside Translational Gap".

Moreover, she led a well-followed workshop on:

"Liver Fibrosis: Delineating & Utilizing the Complexities of Fibrosis Pathology"


Know more about the NASH Summit and download the full program:

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Author Jeremy Domis

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