Marco Zaki


Marco Zaki

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I am Marco Zaki, a second year PhD student in both the Northern institute of cancer research (NICR) and the institute of cellular medicine (ICM).

I received my Bsc in pharmaceutical sciences in 2009 from Minia University, Egypt. Afterwards, I started my Biochemistry Mater degree during which I had an intensive laboratory training in Faulty of medicine- Bonn University- Germany. I got my Msc degree in 2014 from Minia University-Egypt. Then I have joined the group here in Newcastle in 2015.

My main area of interest in basic science is the biology of the liver cancer. Recent advances in tumour biology have revealed different molecular subclasses of Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) patients and each subclass needs to receive “personalised therapy”. However, the biology and hence drug targeting of each group is still to be investigated. My focus is to target the stroma that support tumour initiation, development and progression. Linking stromal drivers with molecular subclasses of HCC and designing inhibitors to these drivers will not only augment the idea of personalised therapy but will also improve the clinical outcomes of the existent therapies for HCC.


  • Msc Biochemistry: 2014
  • Bsc pharmaceutical sciences: 2009


  • Young investigator full Bursary award to attend the European association for the study of liver (EASL) HCC Summit in Geneva, Switzerland- February 2017.


  • Member to EASL

Talks and Conferences

  • Oral presentation of the abstract entitled: Stromal SULFATASE-2 promotes Human hepatocellular carcinoma cell growth and is a potential novel therapeutic target, in the EASL HCC summit in Geneva, Switzerland 2017.