Jack Leslie


Dr. Jack Leslie

Role: Research Associate Email: j.w.leslie@newcastle.ac.uk


I graduated from Newcastle University with a first in Biomedical Sciences. I thoroughly enjoyed my undergraduate degree and particularly my research project entitled "Creation and analysis of cancer associated mutant forms of the RelA (p65) NF-κBsubunit".

The led me to apply for a joint MRC and Newcastle BRC funded PhD project supervised by Dr Fiona Oakley entitled "Understanding the role of the c-Rel subunit of NF-kappaB in organ fibrosis". This project will also have significant supervisory input from Prof Derek Mann.

I am currently completing an MRes with taught modules in Cell Cycle Control & Cell Signalling in Health & Disease, Systems Biology and Applying the 3 Rs to In Vivo Experimental Techniques as well as a research project entitled "Regulation of fibrogenic genes by c-Rel in liver myofibroblasts" which will have a strong Bioinformatics approach.


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