Keara Kirkness


Keara Kirkness

Role: Research Technician


I graduated from the University of Leeds in BSc Biological Sciences and MSc Molecular Medicine whereby my studies specialised on molecular oncology, human molecular genetics, and immunology. My MSc research project “Correlating Brain Tumour Oedema with Immune Response using Biomicrofluidics” with the Stem Cell and Brain Tumour group, furthered my interest into cancer immunology. My project focused on a novel neurobiological preclinical model to culture and study various brain cancers, involving techniques such as cyrosectioning, immunohistochemistry, biological assays, and molecular imaging.

After enjoying my time in a working research laboratory, I joined the NFRG as a Research Technician. Under the supervision of Dr Jack Leslie, my role will focus on hepatocellular carcinoma, the tumour microenvironment and the complex interactions between immune cells and tumorigenesis.


  • BSc Biological Sciences (University of Leeds – 2021)
  • MSc Molecular Medicine (University of Leeds – 2022)