Julia Concetti


Julia Concetti

Role: PhD Student Email: j.concetti2@newcastle.ac.uk


I am currently in my first year of studying for a PhD in the Newcastle Fibrosis Research Group under the supervision of Prof. Derek Mann, Dr Caroline Wilson and Prof. Jelena Mann. Before moving to Newcastle, I studied for an undergraduate degree in Biochemistry at UCL in London, where I had the opportunity to undertake two summer placements at the Francis Crick Institute. Both my projects were focused on liver cancer metabolism, and I developed a strong interest for liver disease and its progression to carcinogenesis.

This led me to apply for my current PhD project, which involves understanding how the p50 subunit of NF-κB functions as an anti-inflammatory transcription factor as well as a tumour suppressor. Understanding the link between inflammation and carcinogenesis, in the context of progression from liver injury/disease to HCC (Hepatocellular Carcinoma), and the role p50 plays in this, is key to my project.


  • BSc Honours Degree in Biochemistry, University College London (2013-2016)