Erik Ramon Gil

Erik Ramon Gil

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I am a Research Technician here in the Newcastle Fibrosis Research Group, in which I am working on a project of "Immunotherapy in Primary Liver Cancer" funded by Cancer Research UK, the aim of which is to understand the effect of Neutrophils in the Hepatocellular carcinoma growth and development, along with finding ways to target them. I graduated from Miguel Hernandez University (Spain) with a BSc in Biotechnology in 2018. During this period (2014 - 2018) I acquired a large background in cellular and molecular biology, biomedicine, genetics and immunology. Thus my interest in the molecular and cellular mechanisms of cancer vastly increased. Therefore, I started to do summer internships in laboratories of the faculty; and then, after being awarded with an Spanish National Collaboration Scholarship, I did my undergraduate degree research project, which was entitled: "Study of the antiproliferative capacity of bioactive compounds in colon cancer cells with a different K-Ras profile". After that, encouraged by my growing interest in cancer research, I decided to take the Master's Degree in Translational Medicine Research at Complutense University of Madrid. Once there, I took part in the Molecular Oncology Unit of CIEMAT - 12 de Octubre University Hospital (Madrid, Spain), where I was involved in genetics, animal models of cancer and immuno-oncology projects, the results of which were presented at the Congress of Pharmacy Students of Alicante (Oral Presentation, Alicante, Spain, 2019) and the Symposium of Liquid Biopsy (Poster Communication, Santiago de Compostela, Spain, 2019) and my Master's degree research project was awarded with the maximum Honours. Due to all of these enriching experiences of the last years researching in cancer and its relation to the microenvironment, I feel myself delighted to be working as a Research Technician for the "Immunotherapy in Primary Liver Cancer" project under the supervision of Prof. Derek A Mann, Dr. Jack Leslie and Lab Manager Lee Reed.


  • BSc in Biotechnology (Miguel Hernandez University - 2018)
  • Master's Degree in Translational Medicine Research (Complutense University of Madrid - 2019)