Lauren Davison

Lauren Davison

Role: PhD Student Email:


I am an MRes/PhD student who joined the Fibrosis Lab in early 2016. After looking at the specific cytokine pathways and relationships between large and small epithelial cells, fibroblasts and macrophages in producing a pro-inflammatory phenotype in COPD, I am now interested in IL-1 and JunD signalling in multi-organ fibrosis.

Lee Borthwick is my main supervisor and Fiona Oakley is my co-supervisor. My undergraduate title was Biology with Studies in the USA (I did my second year in Ohio). I've done a variety of past lab work: freshwater, parasites, Maize genome project, microbiology, cell biology, anatomy, molecular genetics, C.elegans as a model for depression.

My dissertation was on Bee and Ant cuticular hydrocarbon nest-mate recognition where I identified two potential candidates for nest-mate discrimination for Australian and Brazilian weaver ants as couldn't find them anywhere in the literature.


  • MRes- Medical Sciences - Newcastle University
  • BSc Hons - Biology with Studies in the USA - University of Salford(UK)/University of Toledo(USA- Ohio)