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Prof Derek Mann FMedSci

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I am a molecular cell biologist trained at University College London (PhD) and the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology (postdoc). In 2006 I was appointed Professor of Hepatology at Newcastle University following academic posts up to Chair position at the University of Southampton. I am responsible for providing scientific leadership and delivering high impact research into mechanisms responsible for the development of liver inflammation, fibrosis and cancer. A secondary responsibility is to translate this research into therapeutics for chronic liver disease. In addition, I am the Dean of Research and Innovation in the Faculty of Medical Sciences at Newcastle University, this role providing strategic leadership for all basic science research in the faculty.

My main research role is as Director of the Newcastle Fibrosis Research Group (NFRG) providing strategic direction and leadership to its basic and clinical scientists who are focused on developing translational solutions to tissue remodelling and scar formation in the liver, lung, kidneys, heart and skin. My research group are primarily interested in understanding the molecular basis for liver fibrosis (scarring) and primary liver cancer. My research is supported by programme grants from the MRC, CRUK and NIAAA (NIH). Key recent discoveries include mechanisms of transgenerational epigenetic inheritance affecting fibrosis and a role for inflammatory neutrophils in hepatocellular carcinoma.

Under my leadership the NFRG has formed collaborative strategic alliances with major pharmaceutical companies including GSK and Abbvie which are aimed at translation of our research to the design of fibrosis biomarkers and new therapeutics.

Research interests

  • Inflammation and Liver Cancer
  • Liver inflammation and fibrosis
  • Gene regulation (epigenetic and transcriptional)

Current Work

  • Inflamation and Liver Cancer
  • Discovery of therapies for the prevention and treatment of chronic liver disease.
  • Understanding the basic regulatory mechanisms that control cell phenotype, function and fate with the emphasis on events at the level of gene transcription.


  • PhD Biochemistry - Institute of Neurology, University College London (1990)
  • BSc (Class 1) Biochemistry - King's College, University of London (1986)

Editorial Boards

  • Apoptosis
  • Hepatology
  • International Journal of Biochemistry & Cell Biology
  • Journal of Hepatology
  • Nucleic Acids Research

Selected Honours/Awards

  • Elected as Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences, UK (2017)
  • Former Associate Editor of the Journal of Hepatology
  • Awarded honorary professorship at Zhongshang Hospital Fudan University, Shanghai, China (2012)
  • Elected Vice Chair of the ARUK Research Committee (2012)
  • International expert reviewer and grant board member for the French National Cancer Institute (2009)

Previous Appointments

  • Personal Chair, University of Southampton (2002-2006)
  • Lecturer/Senior Lecturer, University of Southampton (1994-2002)
  • Staff Postdoctoral Scientist, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge (1990-1993)

Most recent Publications

  • Esparza-Baquer A, Labiano I, Sharif O, Agirre-Lizaso A, Oakley F, Rodrigues PM, Zhuravleva E, O’Rourke CJ, Hijona E, Jimenez-Aguero R, Riano I, Landa A, La Casta A, Zaki MYW, Munoz-Garrido P, Azkargorta M, Elortza F, Vogel A, Schabbauer G, Aspichueta P, Anderson JB, Knapp S, Mann DA, Bujanda L, Banales JM, Perugorria MJ. TREM-2 defends the liver against hepatocellular carcinoma through multifactorial protective mechanisms. Accepted by GUT 2020 Sep 9:gutjnl-2019-319227. doi: 10.1136/gutjnl-2019-319227. 
  •  Malehmir M, Pfister D, Gallage S, Szydlowska M, Inverso D, Kotsiliti E, Leone V, Peiseler M, Surewaard BGJ, Rath D, Ali A, Wolf MJ, Drescher H, Healy ME, Dauch D, Kroy D, Krenkel O, Kohlhepp M, Engleitner T, Olkus A, Sijmonsma T, Volz J, Deppermann C, Stegner D, Helbling P, Nombela-Arrieta C, Rafiei A, Hinterleitner M, Rall M, Baku F, Borst O, Wilson CL, Leslie J, O'Connor T, Weston CJ, Adams DH, Sheriff L, Teijeiro A, Prinz M, Bogeska R, Anstee N, Bongers MN, Notohamiprodjo M, Geisler T, Withers DJ, Ware J,Mann DA, Augustin HG, Vegiopoulos A, Milsom MD, Rose AJ, Lalor PF, Llovet JM, Pinyol R, Tacke F, Rad R, Matter M, Djouder N, Kubes P, Knolle PA, Unger K, Zender L, Nieswandt B, Gawaz M, Weber A, Heikenwalder M (2019). Platelet GP1ba is a mediator and potential interventional target for NASH and subsequent liver cancer. Nature Medicine 25: 641-655. 

  • Moran-Salvadore E, Garcia-Macia M, Sivaharan A, Sabater L, Zaki MYW, Oakley F, Knox A, Page A, Luli S, Mann J and Mann DA (2019). Fibrogenic activity of MeCP2 is regulated by phosphorylation in hepatic stellate cells.Gastroenterology 157: 1398-1412. 

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