Lucy Gee

Lucy Gee

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I undertook my undergraduate and master’s degrees at Newcastle University (2013-2017), and throughout this time chose to specialize in Neuroscience. During my master’s project, I worked on the liver disease Primary Billiary Cholangitis (PBC), looking into elucidating the mechanistic basis of the cognitive deficits seen in patients.

This experience inspired me to apply for my current project ‘Identifying the mechanisms underlying cognitive deficit in patients with Primary Billiary Cholangitis’ with Prof. Fiona Oakley. During the course of my PhD I hope to identify some of the complex mechanisms underpinning the visuo-spatial memory dysfunction in PBC patients- including the interaction of bile acids with the blood-brain-barrier and cellular mechanisms of damage within the brain.


  • Msci Biomedical sciences - Newcastle University (2017)