North East Centre for Energy Materials (NECEM)

The EPSRC North East Centre for Energy Materials (NECEM) unites a broad range of expertise across academia and industry to address one of the most fundamentally critical aspects of all energy systems, namely, the interfaces between the materials within and their interaction with the environment in which they operate. Our vision is to identify, exploring our unique blend of materials discovery, analysis techniques and energy applications, new approaches operating over a full range of length scales (nm-m).

NECEM Summer School: "X-rays for Energy Materials"

The first NECEM summer school is taking place from the 5th to the 7th of September and will have the theme of the use of x-rays in energy material research

"Nanocrystal Inks for Solar Paint"

The third seminar in the NECEM series is to be given by Dr Guillame Zoppi at Newcastle University on Wednesday 16th May

“Structural energy storage composite supercapacitors”

The second seminar in the NECEM series was given by Dr. Natasha Shirshova in March 2018 at Northmbria University

Official Launch of NECEM

The official launch event of NECEM took place on Friday 16th March 2018 at Newcastle University

"Molecular Processes in Intercalation and Redox Flow Batteries"

The first seminar in the NECEM series was given by Professor Ulrich Stimming in February 2018 at Durham University

Faraday Institution Project

Professor Ulrich Stimming has been awarded a £1.5 million Faraday Institution project

Combining Expertise

NECEM combines the expertise of Newcastle, Durham, and Northumbria University as well as that of local and international industrial partners

4th NEEM Meeting

The 4th North East Energy Materials (NEEM) Meeting took place during October 2017 at Northumbria University

Welcome to NECEM

The EPSRC North East Centre for Energy Materials (NECEM) aims to sustainably address global challenges through combining expertise