UK Energy Storage Conference (UKES 2019)

NECEM's Director Prof Ulrich Stimming UK will be  a member of the Science Advisory Board for the UK Energy Storage Conference (UKES 2019), which will be held at Newcastle University from Tuesday, 3 September to Thursday, 5 September 2019.

Newcastle University, supported by the Supergen Energy Networks Hub, The National Centre for Energy Systems Integration, The Energy Storage Research Network (ESRN), the Energy SUPERSTORE and the STFC Network in Battery Science and Technology is hosting the 2019 UK Energy Storage Conference.

The conference has an overarching theme of Energy Storage and Digitalisation.  The conference aims to bring together researchers from academia, industry and policy makers across the whole field of energy storage and relevant themes, offering a unique opportunity for dissemination and collaboration through presentations, expert talks, and poster sessions to inspire future research. 

The UKES2018 conference attracted over 250 delegates to the Urban Sciences Building, Newcastle University including some of the top academic energy storage researchers from across the UK and internationally, Government and other key decision makers in the field of integrated energy storage.

The conference will be covering the following topics:

· Energy Storage and the Internet of Things

· Energy Storage and Data

· Energy Storage and the Digital Grid

· Electrochemical Energy Storage

· Digital Manufacturing

· Energy Storage for Future Mobility

· Demonstration & Commercial Deployment of Energy Storage

· Energy Storage in Whole Energy Systems

· Design, Planning, Integration, and Control of Energy Storage

· Energy Storage in the Built Environment

· Policy & Economics of Energy Storage

· Thermal, Mechanical & Thermochemical Energy Storage

· Energy Storage in the Human Context

· Global Challenges for Energy Storage

· Life Cycle Analysis and Recycling of Energy Storage

More details here. 


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