Prof Ulrich Stimming: Retirement Symposium

Thanks to all the speakers and participants at the Electrochemical energy storage symposium to honour Prof Ulrich Stimming upon his retirement from Newcastle University.

Prof Rob Edwards expressed gratitude on behalf of the school for Ulrich's contribution to establishing a strong energy materials research focus at Newcastle University through his leadership of the North East Centre for Energy Materials, Faraday Institution Degradation Project and partnership with Siemens. Ulrich oversaw many appointments in his time as Head of School.  He had a strong focus on supporting early career researchers.

We enjoyed a number of highly informative talks from some of Ulrich's colleagues:

Prof Alexei Kornyshev- Imperial College

Prof Anthony Kucernak- Imperial College

Prof Clare Grey- Cambridge University

Prof Tim Albrecht- Birmingham University

Dr Alpha Lee- Cambridge University

This was followed by some tributes to Ulrich.  Prof Anthony Kucernak of Imperial College described Ulrich as a guiding light and has been inspired by Ulrich in his work. Prof Alexei Kornyshev of Imperial College shared some anecdotes about his time working with Ulrich and gave an overview of the all the places Ulrich has worked in his career.  Prof Clare Grey of Cambridge University expressed gratitude for Ulrich's support in collaborations with CAM-IES and the Faraday Institution.

Dr Libby Gibson and Dr Tom Penfold spoke of the valuable guidance from Ulrich on scientific questions as well as great advice on building an academic career. The North East Centre for Energy Materials led by Ulrich has been a great springboard for building on energy research in the North East, including the establishment of the ReNU CDT and the recruitment of several new academic track fellows. It has been a great opportunity to build our network and Ulrich helped instigate several valuable collaborations.

Dr Jochen Friedl described his experience as part of Ulrich's group with great warmth and was grateful for access to Ulrich's network which helped his students and research associates with opportunities to grow their experience and confidence.

We hope to build on the Ulrich's legacy and continue to strengthen collaborations and the strong base of energy research at Newcastle University.

Thanks for the inspiration, science and friendship!

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