Official Launch of NECEM

The official launch of the North East Centre for Energy Materials (NECEM) took place on Friday 16th March 2018 at the Research Beehive, Newcastle University. The event began with an address given by the Director of NECEM, Professor Ulrich Stimming. A presentation was then given by Dr Timothy Hughes from Siemens on the current state of the UK energy industry and current areas of innovation. This was followed by a series of presentations on NECEM's projects by Dr Neil Beattie, Dr Lidija Siller, Dr Michael Hunt, and Professor Steve Bull. The first industrial advisory board of NECEM and a poster session took place over lunch, after which the Centre was officially opened by Professor Phil Taylor, who gave a presentation on the need for better energy system integration, especially important from his role as the Director of the National Centre for Energy Systems Integration (CESI). The presentation of projects continued after a tour of some of the Centre's facilities based at Newcastle University, with Dr Tom Penfold and Dr Jochen Friedl giving presentations. Professor Neil Robertson from the Centre for Advanced Materials for Renewable Energy Generation (CAMREG) also gave a short talk on the projects of our fellow Centre and expressed enthusiasm for future opportunities for collaboration.

Overall, the day was highly successful and was an excellent opportunity for the energy research community of the North East and beyond to get together and share ideas about the future of sustainable energy research across multiple disciplines including chemistry, engineering, and physics.


Picture supplied by Yvonne Choo

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