Sabine Klein

Dr. Sabine Klein

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My fascination in biology and life science was excited during my training as a laboratory assistant, which I finished in 2000 in Cologne, Germany. Thereafter I studied biology with focus on human genetics and human biology at the University Bremen, Germany.

After graduation, I focused on fibrosis research in the lab of liver fibrosis and portal hypertension in the working group of Prof. PhD Trebicka at the university hospital of Bonn. I finished my PhD degree in the project entitled: “Therapeutic strategies of liver cirrhosis with portal hypertension” in the working group of Prof. Trebicka in 2013.

After 4 years as a post-doc and lab manager at the university hospital of Bonn, I joined the fibrosis research group at Newcastle university as a research associate with the project: “MICA: Illuminating Mechanisms Regulating the Birth, Life and Death of Myofibroblasts to Inform Development of Antifibrotics”.


  • Doctoral degree of biology (Dr. rer. nat./PhD), University of Bonn, Germany - 2013
  • Diploma of Biology / Human genetics, University of Bremen, Germany - 2005
  • National certificate as biological-technical assistant, Rheinische Akademie e.V. Cologne, Germany - 1998 - 2000






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