Marina Bárcena Varela

Marina Bárcena Varela

Role: Training PhD Student Email:


I am currently in my third year of studying for a PhD in the Hepatology Department of CIMA, Pamplona, Spain. My supervisors are Prof. Matías Avila and Dr. Maite García. My background is a Degree in Biochemistry by University of Navarra in 2014 and a Master in Translational Research in 2015.

My PhD project is focused on characterization of novel key epigenetic targets in hepatic fibrosis and hepatocellular carcinoma development. We have studied in detail the role of the epigenetic complex G9a/DNMT1 and develop first-in-class small molecule dual inhibitors for these enzymes. These inhibitors are demonstrating potent anti-fibrotic and anti-tumoral properties as novel therapeutic approach.

I will stay here at NFRG three months and I would like to learn technical skills in the context of epigenetics and also corroborate the therapeutic properties of my own epigenetic inhibitor in the liver-slides technology here available.