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Prof Derek Mann

Role: Professor of Heptalogy Email: derek.mann@newcastle.ac.uk


I am a molecular cell biologist trained at University College London (PhD) and the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology (postdoc). In 2006 I was appointed Professor of Hepatology at Newcastle University following academic posts up to Chair position at the University of Southampton. I am responsible for providing scientific leadership and delivering high impact research into mechanisms responsible for the development of liver inflammation, fibrosis and cancer. A secondary responsibility is to translate this research into therapeutics for chronic liver disease. One of my roles at Newcastle as a Co-director of the Institute of Cellular Medicine is to provide scientific leadership and vision for the 80+ principal investigators within the institute.

I am the head of the Fibrosis Laboratory Research Group and provide the strategic direction and leadership to senior clinical and basic science academics focused on developing translational solutions to tissue remodelling and scar formation in the liver, lung, kidneys, heart and skin. My research group in Newcastle are primarily interested in understanding the molecular basis for tissue fibrosis (scarring) and developing therapeutic strategies for the treatment of fibrotic diseases. Emphasis is placed on signalling pathways in myofibroblasts such as the NF-κB system that can be manipulated with drugs already proved to be safe for use in man. This strategy led to the discovery that NF-κB inhibitors such as sulphasalazine and angiotensin II receptor blockers promote reversion of fibrosis in chronic liver disease.

Under my leadership the Fibrosis Laboratory Research Group formed a funded strategic alliance with pharmaceutical giant GSK in 2011 to develop anti-fibrotics under the Creative Advances in Fibrosis Therapeutics (CRAFT) collaboration.

Research interests

  • Liver inflammation and fibrosis.
  • Gene regulation (epigenetic and transcriptional).

Current Work

  • Discovery of therapies for the prevention and treatment of chronic liver disease.
  • Understanding the basic regulatory mechanisms that control cell phenotype, function and fate with the emphasis on events at the level of gene transcription.

Major Publications

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