Animating Text

What is ATNU?

Animating Text at Newcastle University (ATNU) is a research project that explores new frontiers at the cross-roads between traditional scholarly textual editing, digital editing, digital humanities and computer science [...]

What is Digital Editing?

Digital editing or, to be precise, Scholarly Digital Editing, shares many of the same goals as traditional print-based Scholarly Editing. Patrick Sahle, for example, proposes the following definition [...]

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What is a Text in the Digital Age II

What changed with the introduction of digital technologies in scholarly editing?

ATNU at CAKE 15: Digital Archives

ATNU will be participating in the next CAKE event on Thursday 25th of January. The theme is 'Digital Archives'.

Visiting Speaker Series #1

ATNU is launching a new visiting speaker series, bringing guests from across the DH spectrum and beyond. The first speaker in the series is Dr. Raffaele Viglianti (Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities)

Going live!

ATNU is going live!