ATNU/IES Virtual Speaker Series 2020/2021 #9

If ‌you couldn't join us for the live event, you can watch the lecture here.

Our next speaker in the ATNU/IES Virtual Speaker Series is Diane Jakacki, from Bucknell University. Diane will talk to us about REED London, an exciting collection that gathers records of performance in London before 1642, and how it can help us to understand and map everyday life. Join us on the 27th of May at 19h00 (BST) from wherever you are in the world. For more information, see the abstract below and don't forget to register to receive the joining link!


REED London's London

Diane Jakacki

Thursday, 27th of May 2021

19h00 (BST)


Can DH methods and spatial humanities help us to better understand the very different ways in which medieval and early modern Londoners understood, interpreted, and navigated their city? And what do we do with all of the resultant understandings of London as digital humanists begin to thread together our overlapping London-focused research projects?
REED London is an online scholarly and pedagogical resource of London-centric documentary, editorial, and bibliographic materials related to performance, theatre, and music before 1642. As we analyze contemporary descriptions of performance events and transactions in the City and its environs, we are gaining a better understanding of how pre-modern Londoners lived and worked. As we collaborate with other researchers who study complementary Londons, how do we juggle the multiplicity of cities that are being revealed? And at the same time that we pursue an interconnectedness of knowing, how do we ensure the maintenance of more complex historical understanding of urban place through time?

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