ATNU Discussion Lunch #4

At lunchtime (1-2pm) every third Thursday of the month ATNU is hosting a bring-your-own-lunch discussion at which we will have a short presentation on a particular topic or topics. The topic may be a new tool we are using, or have discovered, or a new digital edition or website we think is especially innovative. It may also be your idea for a digital project in development that we'll discuss. The meetings are all about knowledge-sharing and friendly and supportive discussion of your ideas for incorporating digital tools into your research or teaching. No previous experience is necessary. All are welcome, no booking required, and eating (your own) lunch is positively encouraged!

The fourth ATNU Discussion Lunch will be led by Dr Lauren Ackerman (SELLL) next Thursday, 17th of May, at 13h00 (Armstrong Building, 1.48). Lauren will be talking about 'Words as maths: How dataviz might contribute to analysis of texts'. Learn more about it in the abstract below, and do come along for what promises to be an incredibly interesting lunchtime.


As a quantitative scientist, my analytical techniques rely on numerical data. However, as a linguist, the medium I study is language (words, sentences, sounds, gestures, meanings). In order to more deeply understand the medium, I find ways to turn words (and the structures they build) into numbers that can be critically analysed and interpreted holistically, as well as statistically. In this session, we will discuss how numerical analyses can supplement qualitative methods, and why (and when) this might (or might not) be useful. In particular, we will focus on comparisons of word frequency and mapping relationships between words and their collocations.


You can also find presentations from previous ATNU discussion lunches on our website (under resources), or by clicking here.


Disclaimer: as you are responsible for bringing your own lunch, your food experience may differ from the sandwich pictured.


UPDATE (21/05/2018):

If you want to see Lauren's presentation, you can find it here, and her Kaggle notebook can be accessed here. If you want to see some of our past lunch discussions, you can find them here, under 'ATNU Presentations'.

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