The ATNU Virtual Visiting Speaker series is a speaker series event that features digital humanists and textual scholars from all over the world to talk about and discuss their latest research. The topics covered by past events are as diverse as Digital Humanities itself, although our specific focus is on the treatment of text and literary works through computational methods. Each event runs for approximately one hour, with the invited speaker giving a short presentation followed by a lively discussion with the audience. The series is organised by ATNU (Newcastle University) primarily led by the School of English but in collaboration with other stakeholders such as the Newcastle Centre for Data. ATNU is a transformative research project that unites researchers from the Humanities and Computer Science and makes this unique series showcasing the latest research in digital humanities freely available to the world: the series is entirely free and open to everyone, with most of our past lectures available online as recordings.

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Our ATNU Virtual Speaker Series will return in the 2023/24 academic year.