New year, new look

The start of the new academic year is just around the corner and we like to keep things fresh here at ATNU, so we decided it was high time we re-designed our website. Were you not tired of the old, grey, colour scheme? We know we were.

More important than the colour scheme, however, are the new and exciting things we can now showcase in our website. Make sure to stop by our 'Projects' page and see the wide range of exciting research ATNU has fostered, from digital pilots, to funded projects and ideas that are still in development. We have also published our latest pilot, 'Mapping Translations,' an exciting new way of examining the spread of proto-feminism in Europe. You can read all about the idea behind the pilot here, and test out the pilot itself here.

We have also added a new and important section, 'Teaching,' that explains a little more about ATNU's efforts to drive digital literacy at Newcastle University. This includes all of our great initiatives in undergraduate, post graduate and professional development, including some details about our flagship undergraduate module 'Chaucer, Shakespeare and the Book of the Future.'

Sadly, a new website is not all new sections and pilots -- it also means trimming out some of the more neglected areas. Today is the day we say goodbye to our ATNU Blog. A good blog demands time, and time we have not because we are busy developing so much exciting stuff (another plug for you to have a look at our 'Projects' page). As the most ruthless amongst us put it, blogs are so 2005 anyway. No blog does not mean no updates: always keep your eyes on our twitter account and our news section were we announce all of our latest adventures.

New (academic) year, new look. Come in, have a look! We hope you like it.

Last modified: Thu, 05 Sep 2019 13:11:50 BST