ATNU/IES Virtual Speaker Series 2020/2021 #7

If ‌you couldn't join us for the live event, you can watch the lecture here.

Our seventh speaker in the ATNU/IES Virtual Speaker Series is Dr Laura Estill, from St Francis Xavier University. Laura will talk about how to bring digital resources into the literary classroom, and how to best equip students to understand, use and engage with the digital materials we use every day in our research. Join us on the 25th of March at 13h00 (GMT) from wherever you are in the world. For more information, see the abstract below and don't forget to register to receive the joining link!


Using Digital Resources in the Shakespeare Classroom

Laura Estill

Thursday, 25th of March 2021

13h00 (GMT)


According to Google, there are around 172,000,000 websites about Shakespeare—so you probably won’t be able to cover them all in one term. Using Shakespeare as a model, this talk considers how to incorporate digital resources into traditional literary studies classes. Even the most traditional humanities researcher uses digital resources now, such as Early English Books Online or State Papers Online: equipping students to undertake research in the 21st century requires that we help them learn how to navigate and evaluate these digital resources. As the recent boom in scholarship has demonstrated, there is no single effective way to incorporate digital projects in a literature class; there are, instead, many possible fruitful engagements. Drawing on examples from reading online texts to searching databases, from interactive games to streaming performances, this talk suggests that it is not teaching students what and where to research Shakespeare that matters, but rather, how.

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