John Hampton, Salve regina 

Openings: k2-k3 (ff. 54v–56r)

Voices: [Triplex], Medius, Contratenor, Tenor, Bassus

Compass: 22 notes

Cantus firmus: Gaudeamus omnes (Williamson 1997a, 324): introit at High Mass on various occasions: Thomas of Canterbury (29 December), Agatha (5 February), Translation of St Edmund (9 June), Anne mother of Mary (28 July), All Saints (1 November), and four feasts of St Mary the Virgin: Nativity (8 September), Conception (8 December), Visitation (2 July), and Assumption (15 August)

Text: see Texts: has tropes 1, 2, 3 and 5

Edition: Musica Britannica 11, 54–61

Recordings: 2010; 2014