Richard Davy, O domine celi terreque

Openings: k4-k6 (ff. 56v–59r)

Voices: [Triplex], Medius, Contratenor, Tenor, Bassus

Compass:22 notes

Cantus firmus: ?Symon dormis: antiphon to Benedictus, Lauds, Wednesday in Holy Week (Hocking 1995, 7) 

Text: RH, 30402: unique to E30.

Concordances: Cambridge UJ, ff. 6v–8r/5r–6v; Harley 1709, ff. 22r–24v; Tattershall College, 1498–99 (lost source)

Edition: Musica Britannica 11, 62–72

Recordings: 1992b, 2000a