Richard Davy, Dominica in ramis palmarum: passio domini

Openings: ?ee4r-ee9 (ff. 124–126)

Voices: [Triplex], [Medius], [Tenor], [Bassus]

Compass: 22 notes

Cantus firmus: none

Text: incipit and dialogue for the Passion recitation at High Mass on Palm Sunday (Matthew, 26-27).

Editions: Musica Britannica 12, 112–34; Ross Duffin (ed.), Richard Davy: St. Matthew Passion Reconstructed from the Eton Choirbook with Lyrics in Latin and English (Middleton, Wisconsin: A-R Editions, 2011)

Recordings: 1953 (extracts), 1964, 1968a, 1994a, 2012a