Walter Lambe, O regina celestis glorie

Openings: c4-c5, lacking c4r-c5 (f. 14v only)

Voices: [Triplex], [Primus Tenor], [Secundus Tenor]; (Medius, Contratenor and Bassus lost entirely)

Compass: 23 notes

Cantus firmi: [Primus Tenor]: Hodie in iordane: seventh respond at Matins on the feast of the Epiphany, 6 January (notes 1–72 only); [Secundus Tenor]: Magi videntes stellam, antiphon to Magnificat at First Vespers, Epiphany.

Text: RH, 30960: found in polyphonic settings by Lambe in Eton, and in an anonymous setting (in Harley 1709, ff. 29–30v, and New College fragments, 368/1), which could be the lost E38)

Edition: Musica Britannica 12 [3rd edn], 161–3