John Browne, O regina mundi clara 

Openings: d3-d5 (ff. 19v-22r)  

Voices: [Primus Medius], [Secundus Medius], Tenor, Primus Contratenor, Secundus Contratenor, Bassus

Compass: 15 notes

Cantus firmus: Pange lingua: the melody was used for this hymn in two different guises: Pange lingua… prelium/Lustra sex (attrib. Venantius Fortunatus): hymn at Matins and Lauds, on Passion Sunday and during Holy Week, and also on the feast of the Exaltation of the Cross (14 September); and Pange lingua … corporis (Thomas Aquinas): hymn at Matins, Corpus Christi and during its octave.

Text: RH, 30962; unique to Eton, but closely related to the prose prayer O regina mundi scala celi (Hocking 1995, 46–7)

Editions: Musica Britannica 10, 72–80; Antico RCM54

Recordings: 1997b, 2005, 2017