Walter Lambe, Nesciens mater

Opening: r3 (ff. 87v-88r)

Voices: [Triplex], Medius, Contratenor, Tenor, Bassus

Compass: 22 notes

Cantus firmus: Nesciens mater: antiphon ad libitum, memorial of the Nativity after Matins and Vespers during octave of Christmas; Magnificat antiphon, Vespers of St Mary the Virgin from the octave of the Epiphany until the Purification.

Text: ‘The virgin mother, untouched by a man, bore the Saviour without birth-pangs; alone the Virgin suckled the very King of angels, filled with heavenly nourishment’.

Edition: Musica Britannica 12, 10–13

Recordings: 1968b, 1981, 1994a, 2000a, 2012a