Walter Lambe, O maria plena gracia     

Openings: b2-b5, lacking b3r-b5 (ff. 8v-9v only)       

Voices: [Quatruplex], Triplex, Medius, Contratenor, Tenor, Bassus

Compass: 21 notes

Cantus firmus: O sacrum convivium: antiphon to Magnificat at Second Vespers, Corpus Christi, and processional antiphon, same feast

Text: RH, 30649

Concordances: Lambeth, ff. 52v–56r; Choirbook 2a/ii–iv (where parts are given as [Tr]/[M]/Ctr/T/B1/B2 with same clefs as Eton)

Edition: Musica Britannica 10, 31–42

Recording: 2013