This project includes:

  • E17: William Horwood, Salve regina
  • E22: John Sutton, Salve regina a 7 [now superseded by 2012b]
  • E24: Nicholas Huchyn, Salve regina
  • E25: Robert Wylkynson, Salve regina a 5 [now superseded by 2014]
  • E29: John Hampton, Salve regina [now superseded by 2014]
  • E35: Gilbert Banaster, O maria et elizabeth
  • E36: William Horwood, Gaude flore virginali [now superseded by 2016]
  • E49: (Richard) Fawkyner, Gaude virgo salutata [now superseded by 2014]
  • E55: John Browne, O mater venerabilis [now superseded by 2014]
  • E64: Edmund Turges, Gaude flore virginali a 4 [now superseded by 2014]

Sound files are streamed on SoundCloud.

These are intended as path-finders for higher-spec recordings by professional ensembles - an alternative to Sibelius-generated simulation. Only the most egregious flaws (by way of ragged entries, environmental noises, pitch variations and the occasional fluff) have been edited out. It is to be hoped that all of these recordings will be superseded (and that other unrecorded pieces not included here will also be issued commercially): the ultimate aim of the project is therefore its own demise!