Modulating neuronal network information processing by selective stimulation of monkey visual cortex

Location(s): Brain Research Institute, Center for Cognitive Science, University of Bremen, Germany. 

Supervisors: Dr A Kreiter, Dr D Wegener, Dr I Grothe.

Introducing information and signals by direct electrical or optogenetic stimulation of neuronal circuits could help to restore impaired sensory-, motor-, and cognitive functions. Yet, the development of such therapeutic approaches suffers from deficiencies in the understanding of dynamic neuronal signal routing and functional network configuration in gamma-oscillatory networks and how they are controlled by cognitive processes. Our project will investigate these mechanisms and their possible control by influencing neuronal activity patterns. The focus will be on task-dependent neuronal signal routing through cortical bottom-up and top-down pathways and its attentional modulation in macaque monkeys.

Behavioural paradigm: Visual selective attention task requiring remembering and identifying stimulus shape. 

Recording and stimulation techniques: Multiple multi-contact laminar recordings of spike and LFPs combined with intra-cortical micro-stimulation and/or optogenetic stimulation (in collaboration with UNIFR). 

Planned secondments:

  • University of Fribourg 
  • ATLAS Neuro

Contact: email Dr Kreiter 

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