ESR 10

Role of the frontal cortex in high level cognitive and social functions for mentalizing

Location(s): Sapienza University, Rome, Italy

Supervisors: Dr A Genovesio, Dr E Brunamonti, Dr M Mattia

We study the role of multiple frontal cortex areas in social interaction using a human-monkey interactive task in which monkeys interact with other agents performing different interactive and observation learning tasks. The tasks used aim to study the importance of separate representations for self and others predicted choices and actions. Our approach is based on methods, typical of Behavioral Neuroscience, requiring the strong control of behavior and the ‘in vivo’ recording of neuronal activities from multiple electrode arrays and the study of their collective activity. 

Behavioural paradigm: Interactive tasks between monkey and human and non biological agents. 

Recording techniques: Multielectrode array recordings of spikes and LFPs. 

Planned secondment(s): 

  • Aix-Marseille University 
  • Blackrock Microsystems LLC 

Contact: email Dr Genovesio

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