PhD Projects

In2PrimateBrains proposes a highly competitive training-through-research programme dedicated to the study of neuronal intra and inter-areal communication in non-human primate (NHP) brains.

Our Training Network consists of fifteen individual scientific projects, with extensive collaborations between consortium institutions.


ESR 1: Layer-specific dynamics of parieto-motor networks during visually-guided arm reaching behavior 

ESR 2: Dynamic neuronal interactions along visuomotor pathways

ESR 3: Cortical interactions for processing motion information in marmosets

ESR 4: Multi-scale neural networks dynamic and cognitive brain-computer interfaces

ESR 5: Large-scale brain networks through primate evolution

ESR 6: Modulating neuronal network information processing by selective stimulation of monkey visual cortex

ESR 7: Probing the link between perceptual visibility and brain oscillations

ESR 8: Reaching and grasping in dorsal and ventral premotor cortex: distinct networks or intertwined information processing for object location and shape 

ESR 9: Local circuits and long-range neuronal interactions that mediate cognitive functions 

ESR 10: Role of the frontal cortex in high level cognitive and social functions for mentalizing 

ESR 11: Cortical and sub-cortical interactions during reach, and their reconfiguration after cortical lesion 

ESR 12: Feedforward and feedback circuit mechanisms in the visual system 

ESR 13: Design and development of a chronic, long-term stable, drivable, deep brain probe system for NHP 

ESR 14: Comprehensive management of complex data from NHP brain network studies 

ESR 15: Development of a novel and comprehensive test panel to evaluate cognitive functions for regulatory drug development