ESR 12

Feedforward and feedback circuit mechanisms in the visual system

Location(s): Newcastle University, UK, University of Fribourg, Fribourg, Switzerland

Supervisors: Prof A. Thiele, Prof M. Schmid

This project will delineate the flow of visual information within and between cortical areas and how this is flexibly adapted by spatial attention. To this end specific layers and neurotransmitter systems within multiple visual areas will be targeted using high density recording probes, optogenetics and local drug application. Neurons in different cortical layers across different levels of the visual hierarchy will be investigated with respect to visual response and decision related while V1 is optogenetically manipulated. Neuropharmacological studies will determine which transmitters are involved in feedforward/feedback communication, and how these transmitters operate during attention. 

Behavioural paradigm: spatial and feature based attention paradigm.

Recording and stimulation techniques: Multi-electrode high density recordings of spike and LFPs (macaques), combined with optogenetics and neuropharmacological manipulation.

Planned secondment(s): 

  • Forth Institute for Research and Technology
  • University of Bremen 

Contact: email Prof Thieleemail Prof Schmid