Multi-scale neural networks dynamic and cognitive brain-computer interfaces

Location(s): Institut des sciences cognitives Marc Jeannerod, CNRS & University of Lyon, France

Supervisors: Dr S. Ben Hamed, Dr E. Procyk, Dr C. Wilson 

Understanding how hierarchies of small to large scale networks of neurons and areas contribute to higher brain functions necessitates an access to the brain with multimodal and spatial and temporal multiscale approaches. The multiscale approach is expected to provide a unique understanding of short and long term plasticity mechanisms and small to large scale network reorganizations during the unfoldment, the degeneration or the repair of cognitive functions. It will also boost the development of artificial cognitive systems, of cognitive brain-machine interfaces, and will naturally produce multimodal monitoring tools transferable to clinical settings. Statistical decoding of uni- or multi-modal brain signatures will be used to track decision-making functions in the lateral frontal, medial and parietal cortex and test their overlap with signatures related to voluntary selection and production of behavioral responses. The selective signatures will be used in a closed-loop design to test the impact of neurofeedback training on the regulation of voluntary behaviors.

Behavioral paradigm: adaptive decision-making task.

Recording and stimulation techniques: multi-site intracerebral microelectrode, micro-electrocorticography ECoG and fMRI. DREADD technologies; spike-triggered fMRI, real-time close-loop.

Planned secondments:

  • Sapienza University of Rome
  • The University of Western Ontario 

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