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Exploring Life as a Postgraduate Researcher

In this video we hear from some of our current researchers about the unique experience of studying for your PhD with the ONE Planet Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP).


A Closer Look at our PhD Studentship awards

In this video we hear from our Programme Directors Professor Hayley Fowler and Dr Emma Hocking share some of the unique aspects of this cohort-based partnership and the advantages it brings to its community of researchers.

What Makes a Good PhD Supervisor Relationship?

In this video we explore the elements that contribute to a positive and effective supervisor relationship.

Discover key insights and practical tips for fostering a strong connection and working relationship to ensure a supportive experience through your PhD journey and beyond.


Applicant Q&A webinar

This is a recording of the applicant Q&A webinar that took place in December 2023.

In this video we take you through the application process, including advice on what to prepare and specific requirements that we have. We also hear from some of our Applicant mentors. If you would like to speak to them visit this page.